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Get pregnant – information about semen at your gynecologist in Munich

On of the doctors at the network of your gynecologist in Munich, a necessary semen analysis to assess the male sperm quality will be done. The experience shows that almost 50% of couples impaired sperm quality is reason for childlessness.

The man's sperm should demonstrate the following factors so that pregnancy can occur naturally:
  • sperm density or sperm count: About 10 million sperm per milliliter of ejaculate should be measurable
  • sperm motility, i.e. sperm motility: About 20% should be movable in the normal pattern
  • sperm morphology, i.e. the shape of the sperm: About 30% should correspond to the normal pattern

Please note, if the semen sample is not done directly at your doctor in Munich, the ejaculate must be transported to the laboratory in the sample cup up to 45 minutes after ejaculation. The semen sample should be transported at body temperature.

To get meaningful results, it is important that the man maintains a waiting period of three days. A semen analysis should be thoroughly carried out several times due to natural variations in the results.

The following factors to consider for a good sperm quality:
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • nicotine
  • little coffee
  • adequate exercise
  • intake of unsaturated fatty acids
  • a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • regular intercourse (2x per week)
  • keep away from sources of heat such as sauna, hot baths or Sitzheitung
  • avoiding stress

If you have any questions about semen analysis within the child bearing, then contact me as your gynecologist in Munich. We help you that your dream to have a child will come true. We will advise you with exclusively in our private practice or private consultations at your gynecologist at Marienplatz, Munich.

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