Listeria infection and pregnancy - Gynecologist in Munich

Listeria infection - infos from your gynecologist

This examination can be performed at the beginning and in the course of pregnancy, if necessary in our Frauenarztpraxis in Munich in order to detect any risk to the child through a listeriosis infection. Infection occurs through dirt and smear infection or infected food-medium. It may cause serious harm to the fetus. For the prevention of listeriosis raw meat and raw milk and dairy products should be on unwashed fruit, be dispensed with. Please thorough handwashing.

Listeriosis is a rare infectious disease that is safe for healthy adults, but can be dangerous for pregnant women, infants, the elderly and immunocompromised people. Listeria belong to the bacteria that may cause a via and threatening infection of the fetus, the placenta barrier. Therefore, especially pregnant women should follow the recommendations to avoid a contact with the bacteria.

Symptoms may include a mild flu with chills low back pain, sore throat or swollen lymph nodes be, occasionally with diarrhea.

The early form of listeriosis can lead to intrauterine infection with a serious harm to the fetus. Abortion can be the result. Towards the end of pregnancy, the risk of transmission to the child is particularly high.

The late form occurs two to four weeks after the child's birth usually to as meningitis. The children are apathetic, lazy and drinking often show a spread over the whole body rash.

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