Streptococcal infections - Gynecology in Munich

ß-streptococcal type B

ß-streptococcal type B are bacteria that occur at every fourth healthy pregnant women in the gut and the vagina that cause no discomfort and posed for the pregnant woman is no danger. One danger, however, for the newborn.

ß-streptococci type B can be transmitted to the newborn during birth. It can cause serious infections such as blood poisoning (septicemia) or meningitis inflammatory disease.

Through a bacteriological smear from the vaginal opening and the anus to, the pathogen can be detected in the laboratory. The swab will be held in our Frauenarztpraxis in Munich.

Treatment with antibiotics before birth does not make sense, because they can not be permanently eliminated. Therefore you receive an antibiotic in the hospital during childbirth. In extensive tests it was found that this approach of the early form of ß-streptococcal infection of the newborn, in most cases is prevented.