Gynecology in the city center of Munich

Everything around the woman in your Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Buchmann-Macrander in Munich

In addition to the traditional services of a gynecological practice and preparation for birth, I offer you as a gynecologist additional treatments/check ups for your personal wellbeing. With these effective and complementary additional services I want to make a further contribution to your health.

hormonanalyseHormone analysis

You want a baby, but do not get pregnant? You suffer from severe body hair, acne or disorders of libido? A hormonal profile in our Frauenarztpraxis can clear the causes.


kosmetische eingriffeCosmetic procedures

You suffer from warts formations and birthmarks that are aesthetically and functionally very disturbing?

I am glad to offer you to remove them gently and discreetly at my Frauenarztpraxis at Marienplatz.

These smaller interventions are made in your well known practice rooms at Marienplatz. In major surgeries, I am pleased to recommend you within my gynecological network in and around Munich.


anti agingAnti Aging

There is scientific evidence that humans can face physical and mental aging processes effectively and consciously. In order to regenerate the performance and to maximize, specifically antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins may be employed. I advise you about this as your gynecologist.