Cosmetic procedures at practice of gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology – procedures

Genital wart

A wart is a small, rough-growing collection / Geschwülst like a cauliflower or solid blister. Warts usually occur in people Händeb or feet, but often also in other places. They are caused by a viral infection, particularly by one of the many types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Most types of warts are harmless generally. Warts are quite contagious and infect most regions on the body with broken skin.

In gynecology, we consider warts in regions Genitals or around the vagina or anus input and groin. In its manifestation, it may be from small to large and flat or raised. It is quite possible that warts occur propagated and show also grouped. The warts have not even superficially be clearly displayed (subclinical warts). So HPV can be seen to remain in the skin without this. Read about HPV vaccination and possible like in my other headings.

When removing the warts we have in our Frauenarztpraxis the electrocautery. Here, the infected wart tissue is removed with a hot loop. Preliminary the affected areas of skin are numbed locally, which is done in many cases with a cream.