Pregnancy and travel - Gynecologist in Munich

Travel during pregnancy - recommendations by your gynecologist

Best travel time:
  • 12 - 32 weeks and on individual perception, after consultation with the doctors.

Suitable places:
  • are places that are subject to extreme climate, altitude or temperature fluctuations
  • are places where you can fall ill without increased risk of stomach, colon or other infections
  • are places where vaccination is not recommended or mandatory are

  • Planes and trains are recommended (be careful with long-haul flights because of the increased risk of thrombosis, here are recommended compression stockings (the costs are covered by health insurance)
  • Please note with car trips: with a three-point belt, the horizontal belt portion should be above the bony pelvis and not on your stomach

  • It is advisable to conduct an investigation before and after a trip
  • take always the Mutterpass when traveling