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Toxoplasmosis - information of your gynecologist in Munich

The disease can also be transmitted by eating raw meat and not fried sausages, unwashed fruits and vegetables, as well as earth and sand.

In almost every second adult appropriate antibodies can be detected as a sign of infection-nighter. Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii). Main host of this parasite is the cat. Infected and diseased cats shed eggs from this pathogen in the faeces. These eggs are very resistant to environmental influences and can be spread by wind or dust. In this way they are of people, but also taken from slaughtered animals. In the latter case, the following happens: In the muscle tissue of the infected animal is called Toxoplasmose¬zysten form. If this infected meat eaten raw by humans is (eg as Mett) the risk of infection. Once the infection has occurred, constitutes the immune system antibodies.

The infection can occur in two ways:

  • Ingestion of toxoplasmosis from cat feces eggs that may have been spread by dust and wind or close contact with cats.
  • Ingestion of the pathogen through the cyst-containing raw or insufficiently cooked or roasted meat of infected animals for slaughter

Thanks to medical progress, it is possible to cure toxoplasmosis. Indicates a blood test suspected fresh toxoplasmosis, treatment is initiated with an antibiotic immediately. As your gynecologist in Munich please feel free to ask me about toxoplasmosis.