Bone densitometry test - Gynecologist in Munich

Bone densitometry at your gynecologist in Munich

Bone density is a term which refers to the amount of minerals per square centimeter of the bone. The bone density is considered as an indirect indicator of osteoporosis. There is a statistical relationship between poor bone density and greater likelihood of a fracture.

The medical bone density is not the real physical "density" of the bone, which would be calculated as mass per volume. The measurement, called bone densitometry is often done in radiology practices, clinics or practices. The measurement is completely painless and non-invasive. The instrument used in our gynecological practice in Munich is based on the ultrasonic method, thus avoiding even the minimal radiation of X-ray method. The bone density measurement is carried out with our device on the ankle.

For questions about bone density ask your gynecologist Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander or her team.