Menopause consultation - Gynecologist in Munich

General information about menopause

Every woman experiences the menopause in a very individual way. Fortunately, the topic has increasingly moved into the media spotlight with initiatives such as #wirsind9millionen, bestsellers such as "Woman on fire", platforms such as "nobody told me" and numerous articles.

Problems that women aged 40 to 55 or older can have are being taken more seriously - perceived at all - socially and politically.

The optimization of the second half of life is becoming more and more established when younger women use "cycle syncing" to align their everyday life, work and diet with their biological cycle.

Around 60% of all women suffer from menopausal symptoms such as cycle disorders, sweating, brain fog (foggy thinking) / mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep disorders / listlessness and we are happy to help you with an individual, tailor-made therapy according to your symptoms.

What can be done against the "BIG FIVE"?

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has had a very chequered history: acclaimed, demonized and ultimately pardoned, its benefits are now proven for women in their fifties. No woman should be denied HRT if there are no contraindications.

Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT) means that a hormone has the same chemical structure as the hormone that occurs in the human body. A raw material can be obtained from plants (e.g. yam, soy), which is converted into the corresponding sex hormones in the laboratory. We work with pharmacies that specialize in this and produce these bioidentical hormones, for example in gel or cream form, as hair tonic or vaginal ointment.

There are also hormone-free and hormone-containing preparations to alleviate oestrogen deficiency syndromes (vaginal dryness, hair loss, dry skin). The prevention of osteoporosis is also an important part of the treatment. The latest studies also open up the possibility for women over 65 to continue hormone replacement therapy safely and with a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer.

We are happy to help you get through this time fit and well without losing sight of the side effects and dangers of HRT.

The menopause is not a handicap, not a disease - just a phase that you can get through well.