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Private consultations at your gynecologist in Munich Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander

I am your trustworthy partner in all gynecological concerns.

The individual and flexible private consultations allows you a detailed diagnosis and treatment, which goes beyond the scope of the statutory health insurance.

The statutory scope of the services is unfortunately often a limitation of treatment options. Especially in the prevention and during pregnancy additional services are desired to enable a more accurate diagnosis (for more information, please see below *).

In my individual private consultations I can take more time for you to respond even better to your needs.

The private consultations will be held in focus Wednesday and Thursday, and on other days by appointment. We also offer individual early and late consultation hours.

It's nice to know that we rely on so many patients and so many patients wish an appointment with us. We therefore hope you particularly understand that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance if you should not bei able to make it.

We offer:

  • private consultation early and late hours
  • Individual appointments after normal consultation hours
  • emergency contact number outside the core working hours
  • the best equipment, e.g. 3D 4D ultrasound with the best standards (for fine screening, recommended by the "German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine e.V. – DEGUM“)
  • long-standing established network of experts to the best specialists in and around Munich
  • help with the rapid scheduling within the expert network
  • help in finding and arranging the matching for you maternity hospital in the Munich area

The private consultations will take place at the heart of Munich in my practice at Marienplatz 21 („Engel“ house).
The billing of medical services is based on the rate of doctors – „GOÄ“.

My team and I will accompany you individually and competently by all tense and exciting stages of life, from teenage, to pregnancy, during menopausea nd after.

We want you to feel comfortable with us all around.

Your gynecologist in Munich
Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander

* Pursuant to the panel doctor law it is necessary that each doctor within the social security scheme has to offer patients minimum of 20 hours per week. We are with our services far beyond the required 20 hours, and have, and will always have time for our patients. We make no difference. Quite apart from emergencies that are treated at all times with priority. We are aware of our responsibility and our concern is an excellent and competent treatment for each patient. Due to the high demand for special services I decided years ago to work more hours so that I can fulfill the damand.
Please understand that we can not meet every need and sometimes we reach our limit, if the expectations of the patient can not be combined with our very high standards. We maintain a very open communication, especially in advance, so that can avoid misunderstandings.
Please contact us at any time if you have any questions. We also welcome anytime your feedback. Please contact me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.