Anti Aging at practice of gynecology

All about Anti-Aging at your gynecologist in downtown of Munich

Anti-Aging is a comprehensive issue. Complex hormonal processes play a major role. In addition to hormone analysis in our Frauenarztpraxis and derivable individual treatment approaches, there are of course well-known measures that slow the aging process and contribute to well-being.

Here I have summarized give you some tips. Talk to me or my team of your gynecologist in Munich if you have any questions:

1. Eat mainly vegetables. Many servings of vegetables and lots of fruits are important building blocks for the general well-being.

2. The supply of vitamins should be done regularly and balanced. Vitamin supplements can thereby be a supportive help, but should not serve as a perfect substitute.

3. Exercise regularly. Sport also reduces stress and contributes to a general positive feeling.

4. Balance your stress. Stress is a normal part of our lives. Instead of feeling guilty or bad about the amount of stress, try to combat stress through conscious activities: massage, breathing exercises, yoga, a slow walk - all these things can help with stress in proper handling.

5. Find all the joy and fun. In our busy lives, we hardly find time to consciously experience the joy and fun. Be sure to have time for these things, because they actually help.