Teenager consultation - Gynecologist, center of Munich

Girls and teenagers consultations with your gynecologist in Munich

Especially here I take a lot of time to answer your questions around the topic cycle, sexuality and contraception options. It is important to me that you ask all your questions and your are open to discuss everything with me. An exciting time lies ahead of you and you should be informed very well.

Surely many things are not easy for you. If you want, you can visite our private practice and look at our rooms. You do not have to make an appointment in our Frauenarztpraxis in Munich for your first visit. If you do not want to come alone, you can also welcome to bring your mother, girlfriend or your friend. We treat everything as confidential, of course, of course.

Before an investigation, I explain precisely what I will do and for what it is necessary. Here I am, of course, careful and try to make everything as carefully as possible. If you have been with me a few times, you'll notice that it's not as uncomfortable as you thought. You'll see that everything goes well.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your gynecologist in Munich Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander with her team