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Sexuality and pregnancy

Tenderness, affection and sexuality should take an integral part in every relationship during pregnancy . Especially expectant dads worry about the baby and decide to practice for the next nine months in abstinence . Do not hold back here , even if you have many thoughts in your mind. The time of pregnancy is a very special one and also sex is described by many women as a special experience . Already in the early days of pregnancy the organs in the pelvis are better supplied with blood . If no premature labor , bleeding or changes in the cervix are known , the couple can love without reservation.

Regular sex during early pregnancy does not increase the risk of premature birth.

So forget your fears and get your time for undisturbed sex! Once the baby has arrived , the nights are short...

Feel free to speak to your gynecologist Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander about the subject of sexuality and pregnancy.“