Pregnancy and nutrition - Gynecologist in Munich

Pregnancy and nutrition - infos of your gynecologist

What should a pregnant woman eat:

From the 12th - 24th SSW increases the energy requirement by approximately 300 kcal / day. That is the daily energy requirement amounts to an average workload 2,300 kcal. The reasons for this are:
  • the increased basal metabolic rate (10% of the fetuses, 10 % heart and uterus)
  • the growth of the fetus, the increased physical burden of the weight gain

Important nutrients during pregnancy

Protein: Recommended are milk, dairy products, cereals, legumes, eggs, fish, lean meats and poultry

Fat: Recommended are butter, vegetable oils and margarine with a high content of essential, unsaturated fatty acids. Caution z with hidden fats. B. sausage and cheese

Carbohydrates: Recommended are grains whole grains, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, these products also provide dietary fiber

Vitamins and minerals: Recommended are milk and dairy products, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables, potatoes, eggs, fish and lean meats. The preparation should be preserve vitamins

Folic Acid: Recommended are whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Folic acid is very sensitive to heat! If before principle and recommended throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Iodine: Recommended are saltwater fish / game fish (freshwater fish have little iodine) or iodine salt. Is also recommended before and throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Saline: caution, finished foods often contain a lot of salt

Fluid requirements: Additional 2-3 liters a day - please do not drink. caffeinated drinks such as coffee, black tea or cola in moderation ge – Niessen. Attention, hidden calories in whole milk (1 liter contains about 650 kcal), and some fruit juices.

mutterschutzFurthermore, recommended a balanced whole foods. The food should be as natural as possible, plant-based foods milk and dairy products, best from organic farming.

For seasoning and plenty of fresh herbs to sweeten honey or other natural sweeteners should be used. Industrial sugar should be avoided.

Twice fish and meat a week are recommended.

By pregnancy changes may cause flatulence. Against flatulence helps Cuprum/Tabacum Ointment (Weleda). These apply to the abdomen.

What a pregnant woman should not eat

  • Raw meat (z. B. Tatar or carpaccio) and raw or smoked sausages (eg salami, cured ham, sausage spread and Mettmann) because of risk of infection of toxoplasmosis, listeria
  • Raw milk and raw milk products from goat, cow or sheep milk must be declared (no Brie and Camembert). Remove the rind from all cheeses principle.
  • Unpasteurized or not homogenized milk
  • Raw eggs and products from raw eggs (eg. As tiramisu, chocolate mousse, mayonnaise)
  • Raw fish (such as sushi, smoked salmon, herring)
  • Offal (containing heavy metal content)
  • Nicotine inhibits child development and contains carcinogenic substances
  • Alcohol increases the risk of both early miscarriages and stillbirths, infant malformations, mental retardation
  • Dyes, or preservatives, they are in the finished food (salads, desserts, etc.)

Please always make sure:
  • Refrigerator is always clean
  • Cook always all foods
  • Always wash your hands well.

It is much to be observed on the subject nutrition. Should something be unclear, then please contact me as your gynecologist in Munich.

Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander