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Information about contraception at your gynecologist Dr. Buchmann-Macrander

Here I introduce you to some methods of contraception, which differ in terms of safety. The so-called "Pearl index" indicates how reliable the method of contraception is. The lower the statistical value, the more secure the method. Ultimately always has to be decided indidivuell that contraception is the situation in which the most suitable.

Hormonal contraceptives
The best-known hormonal contraceptive is the "pill". These contraceptives are based on artificial hormones that the body progestin and estrogen present in the similar in effect. These hormones control the menstrual cycle.

The pill - Pearl Index: 0.1 to 0.9
The pill is considered as the most common contraceptives in Germany. Here, in most cases a combination of an estrogen-progestin Kombinationspräperat is used. At a dosage niederigen one speaks of the micro pill. Contraceptives that are based on progestogen to minipills call.

Intrauterinsystem (IUS) - Pearl Index: 0,2 - 0,3
The IUD hormones are constantly discharged (to be distinguished to the copper IUD). The durctaion of the effect is up to 5 years, and is thus a long-term contraceptive method that is relatively insensitive to prevent disturbing diseases and also ensures a high level of application security.

Contraceptive implants - Pearl Index: 0.1
It is a short plastic stick, which is used on the inside of the upper arm. It is delivered in the left chopsticks progesterone etonogestrel regularly what wikt similar to the estrogen plus progestin Hormonpräperate the pill.

Hormone patches - Pearl Index: 0.9
The Hormobpflaster are the hormones from over the skin. Due to the limited effect it must be renewed every seven days.

Contraceptive ring - Pearl Index: 0.7 to 1.0
The contraceptive ring is made of plastic and gives off hormones that act at the vaginal mucous membrane. For this, the vaginal ring is inserted and worn three weeks in the body.

Mechanical contraceptives
The mechanical method of contraception is defined as the mechanical prevent sperm reach the egg. The most used "lock" is the condom and the spiral.

Chemical methods of contraception
The effect of prevention is by chemical substances. In particular to kill the sperm. Due to their relatively unreliable safety over other methods the chemical prevention should only be used in conjunction with other methods. The chemical substances in different ways: vaginal suppositories, gels, creams and foam.