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Hormone testing of your partner at the gynecologist practice in Munich

In up to 40% to 50% of cases when fertility is to start from a restriction in male fertility. Therefore, an investigation of the man in a previously infertility is highly advisable.

These investigations are carried out usually by an andrologist. These are specially trained on male fertility specialists. Talk abou this your gynecologist Dr. Buchmann-Macrander at which you will gladly recommend your network of experts in Munich. On physical examination, is seen in particular notes for a hormone deficiency. By investigating and sampling the genitals changes in testicular size and evidence of, for example, inflammation of the genital organs can be detected.

The hormone study represents an important part of the evaluation of male fertility. There are specifically male sex hormones studied, which can be supplemented by further indicators. In addition to offering a semen analysis.

If you have questions about fertility and the hormon analysis by male, then please ask your gynecologist Dr. Buchmann-Macrander in Munich. We help you that your dream to have a child will come true. We will advise you with flexible hours in our private practice / private consultations at your gynecologist in Munich.