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Laboratory examinations at your gynecologist in Munich Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander

Laboratory tests help in advance to recognize diseases, to interpret symptoms correctly and to exclude disease. In the laboratory, particularly samples of blood, urine and feces are examined which are taken direct in Munich by your gynecologist or her team, or can be taken in the case of the stool sample at home by you. You would have then bring us the sample rather quickly in the gynecological practice at Marienplatz. With our own laboratory and the close and long-standing experience with our partner laboratories in Munich we can provide reliable data to your samples.

In general, the studies on the first evaluation for symptoms such as fatigue or pain are suspected of having inflammation in your body. Necessary be regular examinations at your gynecologist even in metabolic complaint with symptoms under menopause problems, during pregnancy and for evaluation and follow-up in tumors.

In addition to gynecological examinations, of course, we look at the general blood parameters. To enable blood analyzes evidence of increased fat parameters of the blood and thus a possible risk of heart attack or other diseases. Disturbances in the metabolism of sugar and other parameters provide example Evidence of diabetes.

The urine sample is discharged directly into a rule with us in the gynecological practice at Marienplatz. With the help of a test strip, which comes into contact with the urine, we can check acid level (pH) of the urine sample and its content of protein, blood, glucose, nitrite and ketones. The test in our practice based on specific chemical reactions and is very reliable for a first analysis. The often painful for patients UTI make themselves known by an increased value of white blood cells and bacteria and nitrite. In the case of a bacterial disease, we can create a culture of the urine, which enables more accurate information on the type of pathogen. Your gynecologist can then selectively administered antibiotics against this pathogen. In addition, urine samples can help to clarify, for example, the presence of renal insufficiency in turn.

Stool samples provide clarity at a weakness of resorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall, parasites, etc. Other diseases manifest themselves by a modified excrement. An infestation of bacteria, viruses or parasites can often have diarrhea result. Usually the stool sample can be supplemented by an ultrasound examination in our gynecological practice in Munich or our our partner practices in order to obtain an even more detailed picture. This is necessary where there is suspicion of liver disease or problems with the biliary tract is present.

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