Monitoring Cycle - Gynecologist Munich - Marienplatz

Monitoring your cycle at your gynecologist in Munich

The vaginal sonography (with our modernen3D / 4D ultrasound device) is in addition to the hormonal diagnosis of the most important examination methods in fertility treatment.

The ultrasound examination is part of the initial examination. It will also be used to monitor your menstrual cycle. The so-called "cycle monitoring" therefore helps determine the root cause of infertility. In addition, help the investigation results your gynecologist to find the right treatment for a couple. By this fine monitoring we do well to find out whether the hormonal cycle in "equilibrium" is and whether ovulation has occurred and the condition of the endometrium.

If you have questions about fertility and the cycle monitoring, then please ask your gynecologist in Munich. We help you that your dream to have a child will come true. We will advise you with more time and flexible hours in our private practice or private consultations with your gynecologist at Marienplatz.

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