Glucose tolerance test Gynaecologist

The glucose tolerance test at your gynecologist in Munich

Pregnancy is an extraordinary stress situation for the female body. Even in healthy women, it comes from the second half of pregnancy in a decrease in insulin sensitivity. When a disturbance in glucose metabolism, this mechanism leads to the occurrence of gestational diabetes (GDM). It affects about 15 percent of all pregnant women in Germany thereof. If this disease is not treated, it can lead to serious complications for women and children. There may an abnormal size growth auftretenund and subsequent development of type 2 diabetes in affected women and children is significantly increased. Complications in women occur often urinary tract infections, infections of the vagina and blood pressure problems. Fortunately, the potential complications can be reduced by early diagnosis in your Frauenarztpraxis.
br /> The oral glucose tolerance test / glucose tolerance test (OGTT) can be detected in time a disturbed glucose metabolism. To this end, the pregnant woman must be before the test starts about 9-12 hours sober. Initially she gets blood taken (to determine the fasting blood glucose). Then the patient is drinking in practice a well-defined amount of glucose that is dissolved in water. After one and two hours, blood is drawn for determination of blood sugar again.
br /> If you have further questions about the OGTT then contact please contact the Prxisteam at your gynecologist in Munich or speak to me directly.
br /> Your gynecologist Dr. Claudia Buchmann-Macrander

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